Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Methodologies that are more reflective of real life. Fun and immersive activities that really inspire the team. Engaging deliverables. Integrated approaches for robust learning. These are the things that make our services different.

Immersive experiences, qual+quant integration, interactive debriefs, thinking tools and consumer co-creation

Extraordinarily simple, yet high-impact deliverables

Uncover truths that relate to real customer decisions

Key In-house Capabilities

  • Segmentation
  • Target exploration and immersion
  • Needs and gaps
  • Attitudes and usage
  • Product line optimization
  • Idea generation and ideation
  • Idea and concept testing
  • Product development and design
  • Brand stretch
  • Brand health tracking
  • Use testing
  • Pricing
  • Brand positioning
  • Messaging strategy
  • Advertising creative development
  • Claims testing
  • Purchase process
  • Packaging creative development
  • Website and app user experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Idea and concept testing


Injects new perspectives from outside your organization

Uses techniques and activities that ground participants in the market realities while inspires them to GO BIG!

Includes a built-in “reality check”

Enables your team to build intuition and empathy in the process

Could rally a cross-functional team around a new idea or initiative

How does it work?


Enables you to brainstorm alongside your target customers and/or experts outside your category

Gives the consumer a seat at the table during ideation sessions

Exposes teams to new ways of thinking, while injecting a healthy dose of reality into the process

Thinking and problem-solving alongside your consumer builds a deeper, more intuitive understanding of the target

Key Elements of Our Co-Creation Process

Small breakouts that give customers and brand/product team members an equal voice

Activities that allow teams to ideate while doing

Engaging presentations and Q&As that ground the session in customer insight

Sketch artists and experts outside of the category to inject fresh thinking into the innovation process

Inspiring spaces that spark creativity