Case Study

Leading Clothing Retailer

For years, this clothing retailer has been a leader in everyday women’s fashion. But it recognized an opportunity to grow new interest in the brand by better meeting the needs of male shoppers.


Ravel formed a qualitative panel of shoppers who had purchased men’s clothing from a variety of competitive clothing retailers—including both male and female decision makers. Each shopper participated in a “selfnography” lasting several weeks that logged their shopping experiences and advertisement reactions in an online journal. Insights from these sessions then informed a quantitative survey that was sent out to more than 1,000 shoppers around the country, exploring broader opinions about the experience, style influences, shopping behavior and other criteria that influence clothing choices.

A portion of the qualitative panel was also selected to go on shop-alongs in which they visited and assessed the clothing retailer and its competitors.


Insights from these panels and surveys inspired a detailed “men’s shopper journey map” highlighting the moments that matter throughout the shopping experience. These insights were presented to the brand team as an ideation session to encourage creative execution of new ideas quickly. Ideas included assortment strategies, marketing and brand positioning, product communication, digital growth and cross-category purchasing.