Ravel™ Healthcare

Uncovering Opportunities for Improving Clinical & Economic Outcomes

Healthcare represents a $3.6T market that’s growing around 4% annually. This translates to nearly 18% of the nation’s GDP and spending of more than $10,000 per patient. There are tremendous untapped opportunities for providers, payors and solutions providers to make this system work better for patients and the clinicians who care for them.

here are some trends
we see taking shape

  • An increased focus on wellness vs. illness

  • More initiatives centered on population health

  • Closer working relationships between health systems and health plans

  • Adoption of patient-centric technologies that improve care and reduce cost

  • Greater focus on mental health


Many of the initiatives being driven by these trends require insight and innovation. That’s the value Ravel brings to the healthcare market. Our team of healthcare experts and selected partners provide an experienced source for research and strategy.

Ravel™ Healthcare Offerings Include:

  • Patient experience and journey mapping

  • Program evaluation, design and implementation

  • Strategy development for youth mental health

  • Product development and optimization research for medical devices and equipment