We’re a full-service market research firm.  We do qualitative and quantitative research, and ideation and co-creation.  More than 20 years of experience with well-known brands gives us a solid foundation while our smaller staff makes us agile and highly responsive to client needs.

Our category experience spans verticals, from consumer packaged goods, retail, healthcare, insurance, beverages, automotive, education and apparel.  Arguably, we have more experience and expertise in home durables than any other market research firm. We understand this unique space better than anybody, with experience in every aspect of the home, including faucets, windows, doors, appliances, tools, flooring, trim and millwork, appliances, and lawn equipment.

We are based in St. Joseph, MI, but most of our staff live around the country. We hire the best talent available, regardless of where they live. This approach serves us, and our clients, quite well.

What makes us different from other market research companies?

Within the last few years we’ve dedicated ourselves to applying fresh thinking to the world of market research. Why?

It’s not news that traditional market research is flawed. Group think, terrible respondents, survey fatigue, boring reports, unactionable and un-inspiring findings. And sometimes, you just need to do something different to energize your team. Rather than explaining those problems away, we’re getting creative to resolve them.